Leadership: Management Techniques
That Really Work

A revised edition of his 1998 classic published by Blueprint Books, is now available for purchase. It's a compilation of Dr. Smith's published articles and monographs in key areas such as leadership, conflict management, teamwork, diversity and employee performance.

It also contains much useful information for employees in areas such as stress and burnout management, handling an office romance and learning optimistic thinking. What you learn are practical and realistic ways to make you and your organization more effective.

It's available for $23, including tax and shipping. If you'd like a copy, please email your order.

Recent Articles

The following articles have been published in various professional journals. If you would like the full text version of any of these articles, email us and we'll be happy to email them to you.

Why Optimistic Lawyers Outperform Pessimistic Ones,”
The Complete Lawyer, Vol. 4, Number 3, 2007

Performance Review Anxiety,”
Cal Law Recorder
, April, 2007

Communicating Effectively with Today's Technology,”
The Bridge
, November, 2005

Becoming More Resilient,”
Silicon Valley biz ink
, July 4, 2003

Recovering From Workplace Trauma,”
Journal of the Society of Professional Emergency Planners
, Winter, 2003

Third Party Conflict Facilitation,”
Unpublished, 2003

Enhancing Creativity at Work,
Unpublished, 2003

Leading Organizational Change,”
, Spring, 2001

The Benefits and Limitations of E-learning,”
, Winter, 2001

Other Articles

Managing Your Time,” CSAE Update, October, 1999

Creative Problem Solving,” CSAE Update, September, 1999

Bringing Peace to the Workplace,” The Human Resources Bulletin, July, 1999

What Makes Companies Great,” Perspectives, May, 1999

Performance Reviews that Work,” CSAE Update, September/October, 1998

New Models for Diversity and Conflict Resolution,” Purchasing Today, September, 1998.

Executive Coaching,” The Human Resources Bulletin, July, 1998

360 Degree Performance Reviews,” Horizons, Spring, 1998

The Myth of Customer Service, Part 2,” The Human Resources Bulletin, June, 1997

The Myth of Customer Service, Part 1,” The Human Resources Bulletin,
May, 1997

Building Optimism in the Workplace,” The Human Resources Bulletin, January, 1997

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace,” Personnel News, August, 1996

Conflict Resolution at Work,” CSAE Journal, August, 1996

Creative Conflict Management,” Personnel News, June, 1996

The Myth of Customer Service,” Personnel News, December, 1995

Improving Productivity,” CSAE Journal, October/November, 1995

The Four P's for Productivity,” Personnel News, September, 1995

Going Beyond Managed Change,” Personnel News, April, 1995

Preventing Violence in the Workplace,” Personnel News, February, 1994

Victim-Free Downsizing,” Personnel News, November, 1993

Resolving Conflicts About Quality Issues,” FDC Control, August, 1993

Forgiveness: A New Paradigm for Diversity Training,” Vision/Action, Summer, 1993

Forgiveness: The Key to Sexual Harassment and Diversity Conflicts," San Francisco, CA: Auerbach International, November, 1992

Beyond Blame: Diversity and Forgiveness,” Personnel News, July, 1992

Encouraging Forgiveness to Increase Productivity,” Intercultural Business Perspectives, July, 1992

Leadership: The Forgotten Dimension Of Management,” Connections, March, 1992

Emotional Safety: A Critical Factor in Team Building,” Northern California Human Resources Council Quarterly, Fall, 1991

Effective Communication Skills for a Changing Fire Service,” Fire Chief, September, 1991

How to Hire the Right People,” Professional Connections, August, 1991

Preventing Burnout: The Four P's Approach,” EAPA, August, 1991

Surviving Hard Times: The Four P's Approach,” Connections, March, 1991

Self-Managing Telemarketing Work Teams,” Telemarketing Magazine, March, 1991

Managing Situationally Difficult People,” Personnel News, January, 1991

Romance in the Workplace,” NCHRC Quarterly, Fall, 1990

The Four P's for Productivity: A Human Resources Approach,” NCHRC Quarterly, Summer, 1990


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