Conflict Resolution

We provide facilitation/mediation services for the following:

  • Assisting leaders, managers and key employees to understand their impact on others and how they may contribute to conflict
  • Resolving conflict between leaders/managers/key employees
  • Resolving conflict between team members in a group setting

We are called in because there are unresolved differences that are creating tensions and anger. Morale and productivity are down.

We do our work in three phases.

Phase 1: Assessing We assess the situation, usually through personal interviews, prepare a brief report, then prepare an action plan.

Phase 2: Diffusing We focus on diffusing the tension by bringing the people together in a safe environment (no reprisals, confidentiality respected), advocating forgiveness (the Four R's - Recognition, Remorse, Reconciliation, Resolve) and moving on, and discussing issues non-defensively.

Phase 3: Agreeing We explore work-related issues in a problem solving manner, looking at multiple options and gaining agreement.

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