When Organizations Need Help...

Michael H. Smith, Ph.D. and Associates is called into organizations where people are pessimistic and angry, morale is low and productivity is suffering. If your company is experiencing symptoms like the following, your entire organization may benefit by our services:

- Lack of productivity due to employee bickering and disputes
- Lack of cooperation between team members
- Disagreement among key management personnel
- Consistently missed market deadlines
- Accusations of malfeasance between partners

We bring an objective consultative approach and proven methodology to assess the situation, facilitate changes and achieve tangible and measurable results.

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We approach these difficult situations with extreme sensitivity, empathy and compassion. People are tense and stressed, and although for many, the decision to ask for help has created relief, it has also created great fear and vulnerability. Will I be embarrassed? What will others think? Will this effort help?

We attempt to empathize, reassure and provide immediate relief. We also have a basic rule to "do no harm." That is, we will not leave a situation worse then when we entered.

Our Process Is:

Phase 1. Assessing
We attempt to find out the causes of the problem, usually through individual interviews. During this process we build trust, gather data, and suggest methods for people to approach solving problems. We then prepare a brief report with a suggested action plan.

Phase 2. Diffusing
During this phase, we focus on diffusing the hostility. We create a climate of emotional safety, and explore forgiveness and what it means to let go and move on. This also includes learning to understand different behavioral styles, nondefensively discuss issues and search for areas of agreement.

Phase 3. Problem Solving
During this phase we attempt to address the specific work issues such as clarifying goals, agreeing on values, establishing teamwork, enhancing leadership. We also attempt to remedy some of the system or structural issues that often produce conflict.

The Next Step

For additional information on our services, please explore our web site and always feel free to contact us by email or telephone for a complimentary consultation.

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